5 Significant Benefits of Free Printable Connect the Dots for Children

As a parent, sometimes you are confused about choosing what activities can make children happy but are good for their development. Instead of giving them a gadget, you can print a free printable connect the dots, and let them do it. You can accompany them when they finish their work.

By using this free printable, you no longer need to bother providing good activities for your children. You can look it up on the internet, print it out, and ask your child to do it. For your child, there are 5 benefits they can get if they use the free printable connect the dots. If you want to know what the benefits are, here is the review:

1. Improve Motor Intelligence

Connecting the dots activity requires good eye-hand coordination. Then, this activity also requires the right way of using stationery to make strokes, to produce a shape.

Free Printable Connect the Dots

This can be a potential basis for children to develop their motor skills. Motor intelligence certainly helps them to perform more complex activities later. For example, writing, coloring, and drawing activities.

2. Encouraging Children’s Visual Analysis

Children do not yet understand concepts, such as distance, comparison, and size. So, the connecting the dots activity is the perfect opportunity for children to learn these concepts.

Free Printable Connect the Dots

Asking children to connect the dots to certain objects using the free printable connect the dots, especially those related to other objects, can help children perform a basic visual analysis of everyday spaces. To get the benefits of this activity, ask the child to connect the dots between big and small objects, far and near, and so on.

3. Practice Creative Problem Solving

While improving visual analysis and concentration skills, the connect the dots activity also trains children to solve problems creatively. While doing this activity, the child must determine the best way to connect the dots that form a shape.

Free Printable Connect the Dots

Children can also learn to imagine if the dots are connected, what shape will appear. Sometimes, in some free printable connect the dots using numbers or letters. Then, the children must connect the dots according to the sequence of numbers or letters correctly. If they don’t connect the dots in the right order, then they fail to form a shape.

4. Increase Patience

Another benefit that children can get when doing this activity is to increase patience. Children will practice patience to connect one point to another to see an interesting shape.

Free Printable Connect the Dots

When doing this activity, the children must also sequence in connecting the dots, either by numbers or letters. Then, they could know what shape they had made. If they connect the dots incorrectly, they cannot see the shape.

5. Keeping Children Away from Gadgets

According to a Pew Research Center study, 81% of parents with children aged 3 and 4 allow their children to access YouTube to entertain and educate children. In fact, children at the golden age are better off doing other activities besides playing with gadgets to develop their brains.

Free Printable Connect the Dots

A good activity for children to do at their age is connecting the dots. This fun activity can distract early childhood from gadgets. However, you as a parent must be involved in accompanying them when doing this activity. Your attention and help while your child is doing connecting the dots activities make them happy.

Free Printable Connect the Dots

Now you know that there are 5 benefits that your child can get when using the free printable connect the dots. Your child’s motor intelligence will increase, your child’s visual analysis will be optimal, problem-solving skills will develop, and your child’s patience will be skilled. Then, you can also limit your children from gadgets and let them connect the dots to activities that are more beneficial for them.

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