Number Trace Worksheets

number trace worksheets for preschool

You certainly agree that the ability to write is a very important thing right? That is why, kids in school during the first time will be taught writing skills. Learning to write can start from kindergarten age. However, if the kid has shown interest in learning to write before kindergarten, you can also teach him to learn to write in a fun way.

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Color by Number Worksheets

color by number worksheets for preschool

Coloring pictures is the most exciting activity especially among kids, be it landscape pictures, house drawings, animal pictures, fruit pictures, flower drawings, cartoon, etc.

Coloring can increase creativity and can have a more developed imagination. On this occasion we will tell the collection of color by number worksheet that very interesting because there some numbers to color on some pictures.

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Color The Shapes Worksheet

color the shapes worksheet

The definition of geometry referred to here is that kids recognize the same geometric shapes (triangles, rectangles, squares, circles).

In the learning media this time we will share a learning media for kids aged 3-5 years, namely color the shapes worksheet. Here there will be several shapes of triangles to circles, each of which there are several shapes. The kid will be asked to color some of these shapes with the color as instructed.

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Traceable Letter A

traceable letter a for kids

Every parent of course always wants their kids to develop into someone who is smart. Even at the age of kindergarten, many parents often try to teach learning to write. Writing is one of the fine motor skills that kids need to master. Through writing, kids will learn as a medium in channeling emotions and self-expression towards their feelings. Kids who learn to write early can also be the initial capital to open their future. Moreover, the kids can pour all the ideas in his mind into a written form.

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Birthday Cake Color Page

birthday cake color page for kids

A birthday cake is a cake that is served to someone on his birthday. Birthday cakes are usually decorated with someone’s name and carry a congratulatory message.

Candles equal to the number of years a person has lived are also placed on a cake. There is also a tradition of putting one extra candle to bring good luck. Birthday cakes are usually spongy and the most popular taste in cakes is chocolate.

birthday cake color page for kids
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birthday cake color page printable
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birthday cake color page worksheet
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birthday cake color page worksheets
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birthday cake color page
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Birthday cakes are usually colorful, giving a cheerful impression. but some kids might have their own imagination about the color of their birthday cake so we provide a birthday cake color page for your child to color.

Balance Scale Worksheets

balance scale worksheet for kids

Learning is a process of effort by an individual to obtain a whole new behavior change, as a result of the experience of the individual itself in his interactions with the environment. Teaching aids are learning media that contain or carry the characteristics or concepts learned. Or can also be said props are tools that can be absorbed by the eyes and ears with the aim of helping the learning process of children to be more effective and efficient.

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Dot to Dot for Kids

dot to dot for kids houses

Does your kid like to draw? But don’t like learning to count? Try giving a picture that connects dots with numbers like dot to dot for kids.

The movement of a kid’s hand when he is drawing something on paper or even the wall of your house turns out to be beneficial for Psycho-motor. Psycho-motor (including hand, wrist and finger movements) can slowly be trained and progressively developed and this can be useful for training concentration.

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